Tamburrino Norberto

The music and the name of italian pianist, composer Norberto Tamburrino came out in the jazz scenes since his second Jazz Classic work “Prisoner of the Sea-Prigioniero del Mare”, realized in 2007 for the prestigious label Arabesque Recordings .

His 2010 piano solo release “Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres” was at Top 40 Charts in January 2010.

“..Norberto projects true love for jazz music through his playing and has the right touch for jazz piano..”-Richard Henry on Worldwide Jazz-January 2011

“.the pianist leans toward Horace Silver’s rhythmic spunk (“Latin Way..),… Dave Burrell’s playful revisionism and Bud Powell’s linear drive; a live trio ends the album, bouncing straight-eight Lennie Tristano on “All The Things You Are”. Tamburrino’s Monkery shine broadly in unreconstructed rag and stride motifs and genial, spiky lyricism..”.-Globe Unity by Fred Bouchard, All About Jazz New York -July 2009-

” …Tamburrino occupies the same rhythmic sensibility as Monk; playing alone, he moves around the piano with just those pensive, eccentric footsteps, clatters, trips..” -Prigioniero del Mare by Jay Deshpande, All About Jazz-March 2009

“..Tamburrino’s piano playing, heavily influenced by Thelonious Monk, is ripe with percussive clatter and arpeggiatedflour. Indeed, the inclusion of Monk’s …overlooked ballad “We See” demonstrates Tamburrino’s thorough understanding of the familiar nuances associated with the late pianist..”
-Deco by John Barron, All About Jazz -October 2009

He was born in Italy in 1964 and begun since ninth to play organ, studied classic organ for 3 years and then he took to play classic studies on piano under the direction of M° Anna Serafino (2 years).

Since 1982 he studies jazz piano attending Stages and Workshops with : Enrico Pieranunzi, Giorgio Gaslini, Bob Mover, Franco D’andrea, Gianluigi Trovesi, Claudio Fasoli, George Cables and others . In 1994 he attended “C P M Siena Jazz” Academic year with pianists Danilo Rea and Stefano Battaglia and Musica d’insieme class with the trumpeter Marco Tamburini.

From 1999 Norberto periodically went to New York where attended lessons and workshops with Richard Clements, Jimmy Vass, Frank Hewitt, Gilbert Coggins, Barry Harris and others.

He begun his professional activity since 1989 hosting a little Jazz Club in Taranto playing and planning concerts for 9 years.

He performed with Joseph Lepore, Fabio Morgera, Bruce Cox, J. D. Allen, Billy Kaye, Roberto Ottaviano, Felice Mezzina, Giuseppe Bassi, Michel Carrabba, Roberto Spagnolo, Pino Clementi, Marco Bardoscia, Davide Pettirossi, Pierluigi Balducci, Alessandro Patti, Vito Laforgia, Luca Manno, Mimmo Campanale, Vincenzo Lanzo, Michele Colaci, Francesco Mariella and many others.

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Lovely Tunes, A Collection of Love Themes 
Revelations from the Sky Lovely Tunes


Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres

Norberto Tamburrino’s Discography

  • Lovely Tunes“, Norberto Tamburrino, Art Notes Records-2012
  • Thanks for the Riff“, Norberto Tamburrino, Art Notes Records-2011
  • Revelations From The Sky“, Norberto Tamburrino, Art Notes Records-2010
  • Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres“, Norberto Tamburrino, Art Notes Records-2010
  • All Dreams We Can See In Your Eyes“, Norberto Tamburrino, Art Notes Records- 2010 (mp3 Single)
  • “Reflection(s) on Monk“, Norberto Tamburrino, Philology Jazz Records-2009 featuring J D Allen, Joseph Lepore, Bruce Cox, Francesco Mariella.
  • Prisoner of the Sea-Prigioniero del Mare“, Norberto Tamburrino , Arabesque Recordings -2007 with J D Allen, Joseph Lepore, Bruce Cox.
  • Deco“, Norberto Tamburrino, Splasc(H) Records, 2006-feat. J D Allen, Fabio Morgera.


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